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GForce Products, LLC.
5603-B West Friendly Ave #145
Greensboro, NC 27410

PH: 336-289-5012

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If you would like to purchase the Rollepro, click here for a list of authorized distributors.  If your primary supplier is not listed or if you have additional product questions, please contact us using the form below.

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The purchase of GForce Surface Applicator Tools (the “Tools”) includes a limited, non-exclusive license for the Buyer to use the Tools, in conjunction only with  3M™ film products, to teach and/or perform the method claimed in the following patents and patent applications owned by 3M Innovative Properties Company.

 Patent or Publication Number
United States Patent Application Number US 2007/0000606
WO 00/43220
European Patent Number 1 147 019

The rights granted under this Label License extend only to the Tools purchased herewith. Buyer may not transfer the rights granted hereunder.

3M DOES NOT make any warranties or representations regarding use of the tools to practice the method under this Label License.

Buyer represents and warrants that it will use 3M film products when teaching or performing the method described in the above referenced patent application. The rights are expressly revoked if Buyer teaches and/or performs the method with a non-3M film product. Further licenses of these patents and patent applications are available for a negotiated royalty.

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